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Besides above state projects, there were other social activities which were under taken by the trust during year 2011.
These include the help for marriages, drinking water supply and house repairing/maintained to the needy and poor people.  During year 2011, 4 water supply cases, 8 marriages and 31 home maintains cases were entertained by Afridi Welfare Trust on which the expenses were made Rs. 162000, Rs. 160000, Rs. 1078512, respectively. In total the cost under this head was Rs. 1400512.


Pakistan at the moment is going through very hard times. There are many issues due to which country is suffering. The war on terror and militancy, political instability, the higher prices, energy crisis are few to mention. From time to time we also have natural calamities in from of earth quake and floods. In fact from last three years Pakistan had floods due to unusual and unexpected monsoon rains.
Flood brings a lot of problems with itself. Those people who are affected lose their livings as most of People in rural areas and living in flood risk areas are dependent on agricultural activities or on live stock. They also lose their houses in flood.
The last year flood is a prime example. This flood hits a big area in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab. Its affected a lot of people. There were a lot of material and non-material losses in that flood.



Afridi Welfare Trust did a lot of work in flood affected areas. The trust built one room houses for the “needy” people in Charsada District, which was hard hit by flood in 2010. In order to spend the money on needy person the trust manager Mr. Qasier Jamal went himself to the field to monitor the process. Around 60 one room houses were built for those people who had completely lost their houses during flood. Besides constructing houses, Afridi Welfare Trust also arranged around 15 free medical camps in different regions of flood affected areas and provided free basic health/checkups and medicine to around 15000 people in flood affected areas.

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