Federally administered tribal area or FATA is located in North East Pakistan. Its covered area is about 27220 square kilometer and its geographical location has significant importance. Since independence, FATA has been ignored by the various governments in fulfilling basic needs such as education, infrastructure development, health etc. idps2In the last 14 years the proxy war between the west and extremist elements further destroyed the shallow and nonexistent government institutions which led to destitution and poverty of common person.

Darra Adam Khel is part of Frontier Region of FATA which had adhered to ancestral handicrafts of making various kinds of weapons which culminated into small industrial activities. After the independence as much as rest of the FATA, Darra Adam Khel was also ignored. During the time course the business activities reduced due to lack of resources and discount on behalf of the government. Historically the sub section of Afridi Tribe (Adam Khel) has been through crest and trough but after 2001 the area thrown back to stone age due to fierce infighting which lead to insecurity, joblessness, and extinction of basic health and education.

Under the supervision of Ex Senator Abdul Raziq Afridi the far sighted people of the area formed Afridi Welfare Trust in 2010 a nonprofit/nonpolitical organization to address the basic needs of the vulnerable people of tribal areas especially FR Kohat. The organization emphasized in the providing basic health, educational services and livelihood.